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  • Product Name:QG, JG, FG series airflow drier
  • Product Keywords:QG, JG, FG series airflow drier, air dryer, airflow drying
  • Product Description:
  • The air dryer is a large number of drying equipment. It adopts the principle of instant drying, uses the rapid movement of the hot air to drive the wet material, and suspends the wet material in the hot air, thus strengthening the whole drying process and increasing the speed of heat and mass transfer. The dry material will not produce any deterioration. The output will be significantly improved than that of the general dryer. Users can get it in a short time.
  • Product Details

    product details


    Product overview

    QG series pulsed air drier is a large number of drying equipment. It adopts the principle of instant drying, uses the rapid movement of hot air to drive wet material, and suspends wet material in hot air, thus strengthening the whole drying process and increasing the rate of heat and mass transfer. Almost all can be removed (for example: starch and other materials feed water content is less than 40% or so, the finished product can be 13.5%), and the dry material will not produce deterioration phenomenon. The output can be significantly improved than that of the general dryer, and users can achieve higher economic benefits in the short term.

    Application scope

    Our company produces QG airflow drying equipment, and introduces advanced technology and equipment from the United States. After unique design, it has reached the international first-class advanced level. This product has high automation level, low investment, low energy consumption, less manpower and plant area, and wide application. It is an ideal modern equipment.

    Product characteristics

    QG airflow drier is suitable for drying and dehumidifying powder materials such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials and plastics industries, such as starch, fish meal, salt, distiller's grains, feed, gluten, plastic resin, mineral powder, coal powder, sugar chloric acid, A? S? C, C, 2, 3 acid, polychloroacetic acid polypropene, sodium sulphate, and Jiao Yaliu Drying of various materials such as acid and sodium.

    Our company consulted the airflow drying equipment and designed and manufactured the airless dryer.

    technical specifications

    Specifications QG-50 QG-100 QG-250 QG-500 QG-1500
    Water evaporation kg/h 50 100 250 500 1500
    Air filter area(m2) 4 6 18 36 60
    Number  1 1 1 2 2
    Replacement time(h) 200(Filter bag) 200(Filter bag) 200(Filter bag) 200(Filter bag) 200(Filter bag)
    Heater area(m2) 30 43 186 365 940
    Steam consumption(kg) 120 235 450 972 2430
    Working pressure(Mpa) 0.6-0.8 0.6-0.8 0.6-0.8 0.6-0.8 0.6-0.8
    Ventilator model 9-19-4.5 9-26-4.5 9-19-9 9-19-9 9-26-6.3
    Number  1 1 1 2 4
    power(kw) 7.5 11 18.5 37 125
    Feeder Transportation volume(kg/h) 150 290 725 1740 4350
    control mode Electromagnetic speed motor Electromagnetic speed motor Electromagnetic speed motor Electromagnetic speed motor Electromagnetic speed motor
    power(kw) 0.6 1.1 3 3 7.5
    cyclone separator model CLK-350-400 CLK-500-450 ZF12.5 ZF12.5  
    Efficiency(%) 98 98 98 98  
    Number  2 2 2 3  
    Bag filter Number  1 1 1  1
    Water consumption 3.6-20.0
    working principleJG系列气流干燥机

    Air drying can quickly remove water (mainly surface water) from easily dehydrated particles and powdered materials. In airflow drying, the quality of the finished product is best controlled because the material stays in the dryer for a short time. The intensified airflow drying in our factory is composed of an intensifier whose speed can be steplessly adjusted by adding a set of speed to the basic model. After the wet material enters the intensifier through the screw feeder, it is fully mixed with the hot air. Under the crushing and pushing of the fast rotating cutter, the material is broken into fine particles, which move to the outlet at the same time of drying, and finally in the wind. Attraction into the drying pipe, further uniform drying. Wet and heavy particles that cannot be attracted by the wind continue to be crushed and dried until they can be sucked into the drying pipe by the wind.

    Main uses

    This machine is especially suitable for materials with high moisture content and paste wet materials, which can not be dried by other airflow drying methods, such as white carbon black, copolymer of vinyl acetate and vinyl chloride, flocculent acetate, catalyst, C.M.C, CT-1 resin, forged gypsum, electrolytic manganese dioxide, ammonium anthraquinone sulfonate, fluorite and diatom. Soil, silica gel catalyst, bone powder, high territory, potassium perchlorate sulfonate drugs, synthetic materials, active gluten, active clay, chemical filter cake, rutile drill powder, sebacic acid, copper sulfate, aluminium sulfate, sodium sulfate, calcium phosphate, starch, dyes, calcium citrate, coal slurry, bread additives with a surface circumference Rice bran, clay, clay cement, urea, bentonite, spherical clay, aluminium hydroxide, barium hydroxide, calcium lactate, food, washed high territory, cyanuric acid, gypsum paddle, lime, biological products, carbon black, calcium carbonate slurry, sludge residue, organic chemical aluminium stearate, iron oxide, organic fuel, corn protein feed Material, wet mud, mica powder, pharmaceuticals, pigments, potassium dichromate pulp, distiller's grains, etc.

    technical specifications

    Model Evaporation of moisturekg/h
    (Calculation of surface water content)
    Installed power kw Area covered m2 height m
    JG 50 50 10 20 9
    JG 100 100 20 32 11
    JG 200* 200 31 40 11
    JG 250 250 32 64 13
    JG 500* 500 54 96 13
    JG 1000* 1000 135 120 15
    JG 1500* 1500 175 200 16
    Note: The number * is calculated by steam heating for secondary drying, installed power and occupied area.
     FG系列气流干燥机  FG系列气流干燥机

    Working principle

    The working principle of FG series dryer is to divide the drying of wet materials into two steps. The raw materials are first dried by a mixture of secondary drying tail gas and supplementary hot gas under one-stage positive pressure. After using, the high temperature and low humidity tail gas is discharged from the machine. The semi-finished products are dried by fresh hot air under two-stage negative pressure. Measuring packaging of dried products. The used high temperature and low humidity tail gas can be used as primary drying to complete a good cycle drying process. The supplementary hot air can be adjusted at will according to the need, so the machine has wide applicability.

    Adaptive materials

    This equipment is widely used for drying powder and granular materials in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and building materials industries. The dried products of this series include starch, glucose, fishing powder, granulated sugar, sugar, wine trough, feed, gluten, plastic resin, coal powder, dyes, etc.

    technical specifications

    Model Evaporation of moisture (kg/h) Installed power  kw Area covered m2 Thermal efficiency (%)
    FG0.25 113 11 3.5x2.5 >60
    FG0.5 225 18.5  7x5 >60
    FG0.9 450 30 7x6.5 >60
    FG1.5 675 50 8x7 >60
    FG2.0 900 75 11x7  >60
    FG2.5 1125 90 12x8  >60
    FG3.0 1150 110 14x10 >60
    FG3.5 1491 110 14x10 >60