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  • Product Name:HG series (drum and double drum) rotary drum scraper dryer
  • Product Keywords:HG series (single drum, double drum) drum dryer, drum dryer, drum scraper dryer
  • Product Description:
  • Drum dryer is a kind of continuous rotary drying equipment with internal heating and conduction. Rotary drum through its lower material trough, adhere to a thickness of material film, heat through the pipeline to the inner wall of the drum, conduction to the outer wall of the drum, and then conduction to the feed film, so that the moisture in the film can be evaporated, dehumidified, drying materials containing moisture. The dried material is removed from the drum by a scraper installed on the surface of the drum and dried by a screw conveyor placed below the scraper.
  • Product Details

    Product details 

    drum dryer is heated conduction type rotating an in continuous drying apparatus. A rotatable drum through its lower chute, adhesive film with a thickness of the material, heat is conveyed through the pipeline to the drum inner wall, an outer wall of the drum to the conductive, and then feeding the conductive film, so that the wet film material was evaporated, dehumidifying the moisture-point material is dried. Dried material is the blade means away from the cylinder surface of the blade roller, the doctor blade disposed below the auger by the auger concentrated dry materials, packaging.

    Performance characteristics

    High thermal efficiency. Because the heat transfer mechanism of drum dryer belongs to heat conduction, the direction of heat transfer keeps the same throughout the operation cycle. Except the heat loss of cover and heat radiation, all the heat is used for evaporation of moisture in drum material film, and the thermal efficiency can reach 70% - 80%.

    Large flexibility and wide applicability. Many drying factors of drum dryer can be adjusted. For example, the concentration of feed, the thickness of coating film, the temperature of heating medium and the rotating speed of drum can change the drying efficiency of drum dryer, and many factors are not related to each other. This brings great convenience to the drum drying operation, so that it can adapt to the drying of a variety of materials and the requirements of different output.

    Short drying time. The drying cycle of materials is usually only 10-300 seconds, which is suitable for thermal sensitive materials. If the drum dryer is set in the vacuum, it can be operated under the condition of decompression.

    High drying rate. Because the film coated on the cylinder wall is very thin, generally 0.3-1.5mm, and the direction of heat and mass transfer is the same, the evaporation of the film surface can keep 20-70kg.H2O/m2.h strong.


    Installation of the machine is arranged according to the general plan. The ground should be flat. Pressure gauges and safety valves should be installed at the inlet of steam pipes. The flanges of each steam inlet are firmly connected.

    Adaptive materials

    It is suitable for drying liquid or viscous materials in chemical, dyestuff, pharmaceutical, food and metallurgy industries.


    Periodically check the rotational flexibility of the rotating parts and whether there is any obstruction. The sprocket and other parts should be periodically added with grease, and the errors of measuring devices such as pressure gauges should be regularly corrected. The triangle belt transmission parts should be replaced in time for serious wear and tear.

    Detailed maintenance of motors and reducers can be found in the operation and maintenance instructions of motors and reducers.


    After the installation of the machine, the test run should be carried out first.

    Point the main motor to observe the correct steering of the main drum.

    Observe whether the main drum and transmission parts rotate flexibly, whether the steam inlet and outlet are connected, and whether the pressure gauge is within the working pressure range.

    Start the motor, the main drum runs smoothly. When the temperature rises, the speed of the motor and the film uniformity of the material on the drum are adjusted to control the final moisture content of the material.

    Start the winch motor, output the dried finished materials, and adjust the speed of the winch motor according to the amount of dried finished products.

    technical specifications

    Specifications Drum size Effective heating aream2 Drying ability
    Steam consumptionkg/h Motor powerkw Outline sizemm weightkg
    HG-600 Φ600×800 1.12 40-70 100-175 2.2 1700×800×1500 850
    HG-700 Φ700×1000 1.65 60-90 150-225 3 2100×1000×1800 1210
    HG-800 Φ800×1200 2.26 90-130 225-325 4 2500×1100×1980 1700
    HG-1000 Φ1000×1400 3.30 130-190 325-475 5.5 2700×1300×2250 2100
    HG-1200 Φ1200×1500 4.24 160-250 400-625 7.5 2800×1500×2450 2650
    HG-1400 Φ1400×1600 5.28 210-310 525-775 11 3150×1700×2800 3220
    HG-1600 Φ1600×1800 6.79 270-400 675-1000 11 3350×1900×3150 4350
    HG-1800 Φ1800×2000 8.48 330-500 825-1250 15 3600×2050×3500 5100
    HG-1800A Φ1800×2500 10.60 420-630 1050-1575 18.5 4100×2050×3500 6150

    NOTE: If the customer needs, customers can design and manufacture of the upper feed double drum dryers.