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    Drying equipment technology content previews leading role TIME:2018-11-30 10:58:57

    Since the beginning of 2004, by the National Chemical development situation continues to improve, driven by steady drying equipment optimistic about the market situation, production companies generally get a better operating results. Drying equipment technology content previews leading role. 
    Currently distinctive feature of drying equipment serving chemical industry is the increasingly prominent role of technical content. This is the last sale of products by price competition has been very different. Among them, some of the high-tech drying equipment, focusing on the development of new products manufacturers, benefit steadily growing; the contrary, some low-tech products, new products and new technology development ability weak companies, benefits began to fall. 

    More typical is the Lanzhou Rapid Drying Technology Co., Ltd., its production strength in large-scale equipment is very strong, currently in the country has been basically second to none. Shandong Tianli backed by the energy of the Shandong Academy of Sciences, has a strong technical support, but also put great emphasis on the development of large-scale equipment, complete sets of processing equipment based on large-scale professional development needs of the industry since the beginning of last year hit a good economic benefits. Lin Chau-drying plant in Wuxi and Dalian University of Technology, Chinese Academy of Forestry and other universities, research institutes jointly developed a spray-drying technique, not only won the favor of the domestic market, the end of our last spray drying equipment mechanical relying solely on imports of the situation, but also into the international market. 

    Market reaction shows that the chemical industry expect drying equipment manufacturing industry in accordance with the high quality, low energy consumption, environmental protection requirements adjustment of product structure, further strengthen basic research, applied research and development lay a solid foundation. On the technical side, research in automation, testing, manufacturing processes and materials, materials, design and other strengthened. In terms of application development, it is necessary to pay attention to international exchanges and cooperation, but also pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights; it is necessary to pay attention to the development of new technologies, new applications, but also focus on innovation and creativity in the field of traditional crafts and traditional applications. It should be said, and this is the only way bigger and stronger drying equipment. 

    At present, improve the technological content of domestic drying equipment, it is producing gratifying results. For a long time, the domestic drying equipment industry has been such characteristics: small-scale, low barriers to entry, as a whole is not high tech, industry-wide annual sales income of 500 enterprises million or less accounted for about 60% of annual sales revenue over ten million membered manufacturers only 5-8%, generally low product quality, identical.

    But now, high-tech products are producing drying equipment manufacturing enterprises.This is most likely out of the vicious price competition in this area, and scattered small changes in the status of firm size, industry, natural integration of the signal. Technology competition, go powerful combination, survival of the fittest road, strong breed strength of the industry leaders in enterprise, perhaps just around the corner. 

    In addition, technological advances will reverse the current export situation of domestic drying equipment. At present, China has not yet formed drying equipment export scale, and less than 5% of total exports, and is mainly exported to Southeast Asia. However, according to authoritative forecasts, as technology development, China's exports accounted for drying equipment production in the coming years will increase from 5% up to 10%, the export market will expand in Southeast Asia to Europe. There is a big gap between large domestic drying equipment manufacturing level and the international level thus expected to improve the situation.