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    ZB-1500 Type vacuum Rake dryer

    Working principle: 
    the intermediate Founder added dry material from the housing, with stirring continued reverse rotation of the rake teeth, the material axially back and forth, the surface in contact with the housing wall continuously updated by indirect steam heating, tines uniform mixture, pulverizing the pulverized bar, a moisture vaporized in the material, under the action of the vacuum system, so that the dried material is discharged more favorable surface moisture and the internal moisture, water vaporized by the dry dedusting , a wet scrubber, a condenser, a vent outlet from the vacuum pump. 


    1, uniform drying; to avoid oxidation, overheating; low moisture content of the product can be obtained without pulverizing operation can be packaged. 

    2, high evaporation intensity, generally 10-15kg evaporated (water) / M2 · H 

    . 3, no air is involved, the condenser load is small, the solvent can be easily recovered material. 

    4, solvent vapor entrainment bag filter after filtration, there is no environmental pollution.

    5, power consumption: 1kg of water is generally required water vapor evaporated 1.3-1.5kg 

    . 6, the discharge valve is a ball valve without dead space within the barrel, to facilitate unloading. 

    7, the heat medium with steam, hot oil, hot water. 


    medicine, food, chemical and other industries for drying the material 

    1 is suitable for a slurry, pasty, powdery material 

    2, the requirements of low-temperature drying heat-sensitive materials 

    3, easily oxidized, explosive, strong stimulation, highly toxic materials. 

    4, the organic solvent required material recovery