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    CT-C-II type hot air circulation oven

    Technical parameters of hot air circulation oven 
    1. Work: hot air circulation 

    2. Case Dimensions: 2300mm × 2200mm × 2000mm (length × width × height) 

    3. Insulation material: fiberglass 

    4. equipped with a fan: axial fan, air volume : ~ 3500m3 / h / Taiwan, pressure: of 400 Pa, motor power: 0.45kw, voltage: 380V, number: 2; 

    5. baking tray equipped with: compression molding, stamping circular end of the disc, size: 640mm × 460mm × 45mm, number: 96 

    6. drying cars: placing 24 discs / car 

    7. trolley rails: stamping production, number 2 

    8. working temperature range: 60 ~ 140 deg.] C; 

    9. The intake air using the early, high efficiency filter 

    working principle
    The air circulation system of hot wind circulating oven adopts fan circulating wind mode, and the wind circulation is uniform and efficient. Wind source by the circulating Air supply motor (using no contact switch) to drive the wind wheel through the heater, and the hot air sent out, and then through the airway to the oven chamber, and then the use of air inhalation duct become wind source re-circulation, heating use. Ensure indoor temperature uniformity. When the temperature value of the opening and closing action causes the swing, the air supply circulation system quickly restores the operating state until the set temperature value is reached.