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    GFG-120 Efficient boiling dryer

    First, the equipment operating process parameters (Equipment model: GFG-120)
    1, Hopper Capacity: 420L

    2, the maximum production capacity: 120kg/batch (depending on the proportion of the accumulation of powder particles, generally 0.6 calculation)

    3, the fan: Air volume 4000m3/h full pressure: 5300Pa power: 15kw

    4, operating temperature: 60-80 ℃ (depending on the requirements of the process can be set freely)

    5, the use of steam pressure: 0.3-0.6Mpa, steam consumption: 170kg/h

    6, the use of compressed air pressure: 0.3-0.5MPA, compressed air consumption: 0.8m3/min

    7, stirring speed: 11r/min

    8, operating time: 45-90min/batch (depending on the availability of materials)

    9, the whole machine noise ≤75db (H)

    10, material yield: >98%

    Second, the characteristics of the equipment:

    1, the whole equipment using high-quality stainless steel production (SUS304);

    2, equipment heating mode for steam heat exchange heating, heater for carbon steel pipe around the aluminum fin production;

    3, fresh air inlet using high-efficiency air filtration device, fresh air by 300,000 levels of purification, not only in line with sanitary requirements, but also in line with GMP norms;

    4, operating temperature control in the range of 60-100 ℃ (can also be lower, determined by process requirements), especially suitable for thermal sensitive materials;

    5, the equipment has no dead angle, truck can be pushed away, the cylinder filter bag can be disassembled and cleaned, the cylinder body can also be very convenient cleaning, especially suitable for pharmaceutical, food production process.

    6, exhaust wind using silencer muffler, reduce the noise of the fan;